ACFIC and MEE signed cooperation agreement on promoting green development of private enterprises

Date:2019-03-04 16:36:00


Xu Lejiang, executive vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), and Li Ganjie, minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE), signed a cooperation agreement on jointly promoting green development of private enterprises and fighting resolutely to prevent and control pollution on Feb. 19, 2019.
Before that, the two departments had issued a joint mandate on supporting and helping private enterprises with green development, which put forward 18 essential measures including nurturing a habit of abiding by environmental regulations among enterprises, improving market access mechanism, updating environmental regulations, regulating environmental law enforcement, accelerating reform of the system of oversight and oversight services, strengthening scientific and technical support, and vigorously developing environmental protection industry.
On the signing ceremony, Xu Lejiang stressed that the ACFIC is a civil organization and business chamber under the guidance of the Communist Party of China, a bridge between government and the people from the private sector, and assistant for government to administrate and serve the private sector.
He said that joining in preventing and controlling pollution is an implementation of carrying out President Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization construction, and an important action to open a new chapter of promoting healthy development of private sector and entrepreneurs.
Private sectors are indispensable part of the socialist market economy of China, and private enterprises are the main body and force to tackle environmental pollution.
Xu said that the ACFIC must take participating in preventing and controlling environmental pollution as an important political responsibility, and actively guide private enterprises to take actions with the help and support from the MEE.
Xu also said the cooperation between ACFIC and MEE was also a practice of carrying out the spirit of President Xi’s remarks on the symposium of private sector.
Pollution prevention and control is a systematic project involving extensive, comprehensive, and complicated aspects, and can’t be done in a moment. It needs supervision and service, policy and regulation, and the support from the economy as a whole.
Xu pointed out that the development of China’s environmental protection industry replied on private enterprises with advanced technology, innovation and flexibility.
He hoped to explore together with the MEE on how to lead and help private enterprises to join in the work on environmental protection and pollution control so as to usher a healthy development of privately owned companies specialized in combating pollution.
The next step, as stated by Xu, is to carry out this cooperation agreement and the mandate by enhancing communication mechanism, building service platforms, bridging enterprises with departments of ecological and environmental work, and by exploring new work methods to organize customized training and build pilot models among enterprises combating pollution, and by improving the motivation for high-quality and green development.
Minister Li Ganjie said that 2018 is a witness of milestone work in the cause of protecting ecological environment in China. The system under the MEE had carried out the decisions made by the central committee of the CPC, and smoothly accomplished the founding of the new Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the related enforcement force, which had started a new page of combating pollution for blue sky, green water and clean land and had promoted a continuous improvement of ecological environment.
Li also pointed out the current problems, which include a swing in the resolution to combat pollution, the complexity of the task, unbalance of the work, inadaptability of the work base, uncertain impact from nature, and the complexity of international situation.
He asked to stick with the bottom-line thinking while confronting three major risks of emergencies, social events caused by environmental problems, and the failure in accomplishing the targets of combating pollution.
He advocated a fighter spirit to conquer negative thoughts and to maintain strategic focus on implementing President Xi’s thoughts on constructing ecological civilization, the spirit of the national conference on protecting ecological environment, ensuring victory in combating pollution, promoting the modernization of ecological and environmental governance system and capability, and polishing a formidable force of environmental protection.
He stressed that to do the work required smart strategies and needed all social strength. The cooperation agreement between the ACFIC and MEE was an important and practical step.
He hoped that the two departments would take this chance to strengthen communication and coordination in organizing investigations, training and policy interpretation to the public so as to promote the development of both the private sector and the cause of ecological and environmental protection.
Vice chairman Xie Jingrong and member of the leading party group Zhao Dejiang from the ACFIC, and vice ministers of the MEE Zhao Yingmin and Zhuang Guotai also attended the signing ceremony.
According to the agreement, the two departments will deepen cooperation in implementing the mandate on supporting and helping private enterprises with green development, and in strengthening coordination, investigation, training and publicity work.

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