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Committee Reviews Poverty Relief Work

During the fourth plenum of the ACFIC Poverty Relief Committee on November 1, ACFIC Chairman Huang Mengfu said that the fundamental approach to narrowing the wealth gap is through maximizing the wealth creation potential by various production factors and stimulating the free flow of wealth-creating resources.

He suggested that the government should take the low-income group as a priority target for its people"s well-beingprojects to maintain a benign development of the society, while at the same time it should protect the enthusiasm of those who get rich first to make them feel comfortable and create more social wealth.

The chairman stressed that the current key task of the committee is development-oriented poverty alleviation, namely providing aid for the areas wishing to get rid of poverty, seek growth and get rich through guiding the support of enterprises and social institutions for the poor areas and mobilizing the enthusiasm of the poor population for development and production.

Committee Deputy Director and Shanghai Fosun Group CEO Liang Xinjun made a report on the Committee"s work over the past five years. Committee Deputy Director and ACFIC Department of Poverty Relief and Social Service Wang Gangzhi delivered the Committee"sreport on its financial situation over the past five years.

In recognition of their outstanding contribution to poverty alleviation, ACFIC issued commemorative plaques to Dalian Wanda Group, Suning Appliance Group, China Minsheng Bank, Rizhao Steel Holdings Group, and Shanghai Fosun Group. It also issued commemorative plaques to the Gansu Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Tibet FIC"s village work team, Yilong County of Sichuan Province, Solar May Corporation, and Guangxi Penshibao Co., Ltd. for their outstanding performance in implementation of the Committee"s projects.

Date:2012-11-5 13:46:38