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Entrepreneurs Inspect Judicial Courts in Sichuan

ACFIC Vice Chairman Xie Jingrong urged Chinese people’s courts to attach greater importance to equal protection of private enterprises’ legitimate rights and further tighten communication with the dispute mediation organizations of chambers of commerce, during an inspection of the judicial courts in southwestern China’s Sichuan Province along with 15 entrepreneurs who are either state legislators or political advisors.

At a symposium in Chengdu on October 26, the China Supreme People’s Court Vice President Li Shaoping briefed the delegation about this year’s priorities for courts around the country, including safeguarding social stability in accordance with law, proactive adaptation to the economic new normal, thorough implementation of the fundamental principle of “justice for people”, and proactive implementation of the amended Administrative Prosecution Law. He also noted that this inspection was intended to increase entrepreneurs’ understanding of the court work, listen to their proposals, and support ACFIC’s political education on law abidance and honest business among figures of the non-public economy.

Sichuan Province Supreme People’s Court President Wang Haiping gave a report on the structure and staffing of the court as well as its work on lawsuit proceedings, service for the overall situation, grassroots foundation, and team building, with a view to deepening judicial reform, adaptation to the new normal, serving and safeguarding comprehensive deepening of reform and development, and equal protection of the non-public economy.     

Afterwards, the entrepreneurs took a week-long inspection of the medium and grassroots courts in Chengdu, Leshan and Meishan.

Date:2015-11-4 12:01:26