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Symposium Highlights Western-Eastern China Poverty Alleviation Coordination

ACFIC CPC Secretary Quan Zhezhu urged Federations of Industry and Commerce to guide private enterprises to tighten labor coordination between eastern and western China, and engage local registered poor population in long-term labor-intensive jobs near where they live.    

At the ACFIC Symposium on Western-Eastern China Poverty Alleviation Coordination of the “10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages” Program in Shijiazhuang on December 21, Quan said that those willing and qualified private enterprises must be encouraged to participate in cross-regional poverty alleviation, especially in China’s western parts.

He underscored the importance of tightening information exchange between FICs of western and eastern China, especially regarding candidate enterprise mobilization and poverty alleviation project review and selection; tapping entrepreneurs’ innovation and entrepreneurship and spurring the flow of capital, technology, management and human resources to poor areas through business cooperation between eastern enterprises and western areas in need; encouraging enterprises to participate in poverty alleviation in western areas through public benefit projects, such as donations to schools, clinics and poor households; and beefing up project coordination, especially regarding government ratification, financial service, and enterprises’ difficulties.

He also noted that non-native Chambers of Commerce have a big part to play in organizing and serving enterprises to participate in cross-regional poverty alleviation.

Date:2016-12-27 17:33:41