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Hubei CPC Secretary Meets Local Entrepreneurs

Hubei CPC Secretary Jiang Chaoliang urged entrepreneurs to maintain steadiness, rev up confidence and build a close and clean government-business attachment to propel faster and healthier growth of the non-public economy of the Central China province during his meeting with local entrepreneurs attending the Hubei Economic Work Conference on December 30.

Five entrepreneurs including Baibuting Group Chairman Mao Yonghong offered views and proposals on augmenting private investment, fueling manufacturing with new technologies and products, accelerating structural upgrade of traditional manufacturing, undertaking technological innovation and military-civilian industry integration, and cultivating leading enterprises to advance agricultural supply-side reform.

Jiang noted both the opportunities and challenges facing private enterprises, including high production costs, difficult and expensive financing, market barriers and increasing downward economic pressure.

He also urged various levels of government officials to be open, friendly, proactive, service-oriented and accountable in dealing with entrepreneurs, further streamlining administrative ratification procedures and delegating more powers, improving and implementing policies and measures favorable to growth of the non-public sector, and solving the problems nagging small and medium enterprises, to create a sound environment for private business growth.    

Deputy Governor Wang Xiaodong expressed hope that private enterprises will distinguish themselves in the deepening of supply-side reform and further lift growth quality and efficiency.  

Date:2017-1-4 21:19:14