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Real Economy Revitalization Tops Economic Service Agenda 2017

Economic service of Federations of Industry and Commerce in 2017 will prioritize real economy revitalization, said Vice Chairman Huang Rong at the annual ACFIC Economic Service Work Conference in Beijing on January 5.

Huang called for strong efforts this year to study and implement the key policies and decisions made by the CPC Central Committee, advance development of the real economy, boost private investment, guide private enterprises’ participation in the Belt and Road construction, propel integrated, in-depth development of the civilian and military sectors, and formulate more economic service projects and brands.

Reviewing last year’s economic service work, Huang said that ACFIC took a series of measures, including research on the situation of private enterprises of manufacturing sector, participation in formulation and improvement of relevant state policies and measures, and publicity boost for exemplary private enterprises of growth pattern transformation and structural upgrade, but most significantly, the morale campaign and rule of law education, to push for improvement of business environment, shore up the low morale demonstrated by many private enterprises at the beginning of 2016, and stabilize their investment return expectations.

ACFIC has tried to vitalize private investment as well as its role of stabilizing growth, spurring innovation, increasing jobs and improving people’s lives through various types of trade and economic activities, third-party evaluation of private investment, and promotion of PPP projects.

It took proactive steps to guide private enterprises to participate in state economic development strategies such as the Belt and Road construction, the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area coordinated growth.        

Regarding integrated and in-depth growth of the military and civilian sectors in 2016, ACFIC forged a ministerial-level cooperation mechanism with the State Administration for the Science, Technology and Industry of National Defense, jointly hosted with other authorities the 2nd Exhibition and High-level Forum for High Technologies of Integrated and In-depth Growth of Military and Civilian Sectors and the 1st Chinese Competition of Technological Innovation and Application for Both Military and Civilian Purposes.

ACFIC also guided enterprises to practice the state strategy of building an IPR powerhouse and realizing innovation-driven growth via rolling out the IPR situation research, sci-tech service resources integration and recommendation of various categories of ACFIC science and technology innovation awards.

The conference was attended by 130 people, including provincial and municipal FIC officials with the economic service portfolio, and secretaries-general of chambers of commerce directly under ACFIC.  

Date:2017-1-9 20:00:32