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Jiangsu Holds Non-public Economy Symposium

CPC Secretary Li Qiang of East China’s Jiangsu Province urged entrepreneurs to maintain firm development confidence, hold fast to the real economy, push ahead with innovation, augment social responsibility and play a hefty role in building a moderately prosperous society at a high level and in a holistic manner.

At the Local Non-public Economy Development Symposium on January 23, Li reviewed the development history of the non-public sector of the Province, which is the birthplace of the country’s national industries of modern times, saying that the non-public sector has now become a major pillar of the local economy, a mainstay of entrepreneurship and innovation, the key channel of job creation, and the major generator of social wealth.  

He noted that the new generation of Jiangsu entrepreneurs have not only brought about huge material wealth but also forged an entrepreneurism with distinct local characters. He pointed out the importance of possessing such qualities as hard work, persistence, resilience, political direction, professionalism, social responsibility and cultural heritage for being a modern entrepreneur.

Governor Shi Taifeng underscored the urgency of solving outstanding difficulties in development of the non-public economy, especially regarding market access, corporate costs, financing, innovation and human resources, and pledged government service improvement for private enterprises and solid policy implementation to foster a fairer business environment and boost private business vitality.   

Representatives of a number of local enterprises, including Suning Holdings Ltd., Sanpower Group, and Jiangsu Shasteel, made proposals on promoting Jiangsu enterprises’ brand building, and bolstering overseas mergers and acquisition, technological innovation and financial support.  

Date:2017-2-4 16:34:34