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ACFIC Unveils Winners of Technological Progress Awards

Following a months-long procedure of FICs' project collection, expert and public reviews, and ACFIC top leadership ratification, ACFIC announced 8 top winners, 32 runners-up and 73 tertiary winners of its Scientific and Technological Progress Awards 2016 on January 9, in recognition of private enterprises' and their high-tech partners'  outstanding contribution to technological innovation, industrialization and progress.

The awards covered a wide range of projects, from integrated sealing technology for pressurized containers in a nuclear reactor to an installation for absorbing, oxidizing and recycling air-borne low-density sulphur dioxide, and from a light-weight protective tunic for firefighters to an incrustation-removing and corrosion-retarding chemical for water recycling.

Date:2017-2-7 17:24:53