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ACFIC Conference Charts Course of COC Construction

ACFIC urged Chambers of Commerce to further strengthen their leadership, rallying power, services and self regulation at a national video conference in Beijing on February 20.

ACFIC CPC Secretary and Executive Vice Chairman Quan Zhezhu stressed the importance of meeting the holistic reform targets of COCs associated with Federations of Industry and Commerce, namely boosting healthy growth of the non-public economy and its figures and promoting effective coverage of the United Front work over COCs, to ensure the correctness of COCs’ development and reform direction. 

Quan noted that COCs’ construction at the moment has yet to meet the requirement of the CPC central leadership and the expectations of figures of the non-public economy, urging the Four-Merit COCs Construction Campaign to target pending problems.

“Leadership is the key to construction of COCs, and their Chairmen and Secretaries-General, who are the key to the key, must undergo rigorous examination and training to strengthen their commitment and sense of duty,” he said. 

“Rallying power is the fundamental measurement of the performance of COCs, which must play the role of a major front of political faith and education, guiding figures of the non-public economy to become exemplary figures of patriotism, professionalism, law-abiding business, innovation, entrepreneurialism, and social service.”

“Service is a major field for COCs to rally their members and play their roles; FICs must tap their roles as aides to government administration and non-public economy service to smooth the communication channels between COCs and relevant parties.”

“Self-discipline is a major feature of COCs’ participation in pluralistic social governance, and well-regulated operation is a vital premise for COCs’ duty implementation; FICs should guide COCs to strengthen institutional construction and propel systemic implementation.”

The conference was attended by 1,500 leaders of various provincial, municipal and county FICs and COCs at various sites across the country.

Date:2017-2-22 10:37:42