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ACFIC Delivers 30 Collective Proposals to CPPCC Session

The 30 collective proposals delivered by ACFIC to the ongoing 5th session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference focused on the hot and difficult issues in development of the Chinese non-public economy and industrial sectors with an eye on advancing the supply-side structural reform and development of the real economy.

The making of and co-processing with relevant authorities these collective proposals, which were based on the proposals by Provincial and Municipal Federations of Industry and Commerce and Chambers of Commerce and institutions directly under ACFIC, is an important method of political consultation and participation by ACFIC.  

The Proposal on Tightening Intellectual Property Rights Protection of Private Enterprises Joining in the Military Industry calls for improving the IPR mechanism in national defense, giving IPR greater weight in procurement decision-making, tightening crackdown on IPR infringements, and establishing a market-rule-compatible IPR royalty mechanism and an IPR credit rating mechanism in the national defense and military building arenas.

The Proposal on Further Improving Policies on Encouraging Private Capital’s Participation in PPP Projects, which targets private capital’s difficulty of participation in PPP projects over the past three years, urges timely update and regulation of PPP projects database construction, encouragement for private enterprises to access the construction and service of PPP projects as an alliance, and further augmentation of financial and fiscal support.

A number of proposals dealt with de-overcapacity and lowering operational costs, calling for full implementation of tax rebates for high-tech enterprises, bolstering healthy growth of small-loan companies, and propelling reform of consumption tax for petroleum products.   

Among the proposals on guiding private enterprises’ going global and participation in Belt and Road construction, some suggested supportive measures for the participation by enterprises and chambers of commerce in Belt and Road construction, and some, for the participation by provinces and regions along the Chinese border in the Lancang River and Meikong River regional cooperation programs.

In promoting innovation and IPR protection, ACFIC proposals include encouraging the establishment of the IPR disputes mediation mechanism by chambers of commerce and supporting the establishment of scientific research institutions by private enterprises.

One proposal suggests boosting the application of big data and Internet of things in circulation of agricultural products with a view to advancing the agricultural supply-side structural reform.

On boosting development of the environmental protection industry, ACFIC proposals urge stronger policy support for development of distributed photovoltaic, stronger policy guidance for the new energy industry, accelerated development of the solar power generation sector, pushing implementation of PPP projects in environmental protection, and lifting the special-price upper limit for garbage incineration-generated electricity volume set in 2012.    

A number of proposals highlight healthy growth of sectors, such as forestry, property services, automobile and motorbike accessories, cultural industry, and small towns with unique characters.  

Date:2017-3-4 23:14:44