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3 ACFIC Proposals in Highlight

Proposal on Cultivation of COC Mediation Organizations and Improvement of Multiple Dispute Resolutions Mechanism  

ACFIC points out

-         Timely and effective resolution of disputes concerning production and business operations of China’s 23 million private enterprises and 59 million independent merchants is vital to their existence and development and social harmony and stability.

-         Chambers of Commerce are social organizations by enterprises, for enterprises, and of enterprises, and they play an important role in reform of social organizations and construction of Chambers of Commerce with Chinese Characteristics.

-         Mediation is an intrinsic function of COCs, whose knowledge of their sectors and enterprises, as well as their high degree of flexibility, efficiency, expediency, confidentiality and implementation ratio, when applied in disputes resolution, is conducive to enterprises’ focused operation and healthy growth.  

-         For long, Federations of Industry and Commerce uphold the concept of “business disputes are better left to business people to solve”, which has given a great boost to the COC Mediation Mechanism with continuous increase of staff, workload and social influence. However, further regulation, guidance and cultivation are necessary to improve the mechanism and its operation.

ACFIC suggests

-         Stronger support from holistic management and civil affairs authorities to propel the legislation and policy implementation concerning multiple dispute resolutions mechanism, clarify the legal status of COC mediation, incorporate it into the social holistic management portfolio and the government procurement service catalogue, and bolster the regulated growth of mediation organizations as social organizations and the major battlefield and the first defense line against disputes in the non-public economy.

-         Pooling social strengths and tapping the functional advantage of the People’s Courts and judicial and administrative organs so as to give professional guidance to COC mediation and spur integrated development of COC mediation along with litigant mediation, people’s mediation, arbitrary mediation and labor disputes mediation, to lower dispute resolution costs, advance COCs’ social governance undertaking function, and boost the socialization, marketability, and healthy growth of mediation organizations.

Proposal on Further Implementation of Preferential Tax Policies for High-tech Enterprises

ACFIC suggests

-         The National Administration of Taxation strengthens the policy-making power of local taxation authorities and formulates more favorable tax policies for high-tech enterprises in western China;

-         The Ministry of Science and Technology sets reasonable benchmarks for Research and Development expenditure taking into account of the differences of regions and sectors;

-         The Ministry of Science and Technology improves the mechanism of supervision over high-tech enterprises within effective periods;

-         The National Administration of Taxation designs policies that grant special and direct tax rebates to enterprises in high-tech enterprises’ incubators.    

Proposal on Support for Establishment of Scientific Research Institutions by Private Enterprises

ACFIC suggests

-         Use the talent database to recommend research human resources to enterprises, offer convenient professional title conferment and equal treatment as their peers in state-owned institutions, regardless of age, and encourage talent’s free flow.

-         Include applications for major research projects submitted by private enterprises into the list of government-guided pillar research projects;

-         Relevant government authorities set up special funding programs to support industrial research institutions established by private enterprises;

-         The government uses fiscal, tax and financial tools such as subsidies and guarantee to assist and spur technology innovation by private enterprises while venture capital is encouraged to serve their R&D;

-         Support mixed ownership and private enterprises' efforts of joint establishment, purchase, mergers and acquisitions of the research branches of administrative and institutional organs to achieve rapid upgrade.



Date:2017-3-9 17:18:55