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Zhang Jindong Calls for Smart Innovation of Retail Business in CPPCC Speech

Suning Holdings Group Chairman and All-China General Chamber of Industry and Commerce Vice Chairman Zhang Jindong said the traditional real-shop retail sector has to embrace the Internet and use new technology to forge a new business environment and create a smart retail model, in his speech on behalf of ACFIC at the 2nd plenary meeting of the 5th Session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Beijing on March 9.

While the sale volume and economic return of off-line retail business are falling with increasing shop closures, the number of  e-commerce enterprises and individual merchants has topped 10 million, engaging nearly 24 million employees, according to incomplete statistics.

Zhang said traditional off-line business must adapt to the trends of mobility, socialization and localization. Through organic integration with mobile Internet, it can achieve real-time sale everywhere, foster consumer tenacity, and serve a larger population at a closer range, he said.

To spur development of smart retail, Zhang called for immediate introduction of laws and regulations to regulate e-commerce, tighten cross-board mobile monitoring and industry-wise self-discipline, crack down on and kicked out fake products producers and sellers, establish the blacklists of e-commerce enterprises and individual merchants with bad business credit records, and publish merchandise quality inspection information for public inquiry.  

Zhang also suggested using big-data-guided smart retail to propel effective supply. Measures include improvement as soon as possible of laws and regulations on data collection, business transactions and transparency of safe access to spur healthy growth of the big data industry; and guiding large-scale retail enterprises to change business model, and by such methods as centralized procurement, business buy-out and self-owned brand development, achieve in-depth integration with manufacturing enterprises.

Date:2017-3-10 17:22:07