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Wang Wenbiao Urges Ecological Preservation Calculation

All-China General Chamber of Industry and Commerce Vice Chairman and Elion Group Ltd. Chairman Wang Wenbiao said building parks in the city and growing trees in the suburbs while reducing housing development to create more breathing room for common people is the balance needed for ecological preservation.  

“The blue sky defense war, an all-in war, has to be fought with strong support from legislative, regulative, evaluative and supervisory fronts,” Wang said during a business group meeting of the 5th session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Beijing on March 6.

Western and central parts of China are now living with the worst ecological and air quality, and this poses a severe challenge to the holistic completion of construction of a moderately prosperous society for various social segments and sectors, localities, and nationalities, said Wang, a member of the CPPCC Standing Committee.  

The hardest part of poverty alleviation lies in ecologically fragile areas, he said, underlining the mutual dependency and inseparable integrity between ecological recovery and industrial development-based poverty alleviation.

“Without ecological rehabilitation, poverty alleviation through industrial development is mere castles in the air or a one-off deal which can’t sustain; without the support of industrial-development-based poverty alleviation, ecological recovery can’t last either and deterioration might reoccur in a short while. ” 

Wang also underlined the urgency of improving development quality and phasing out outdated capacity through reform of the government's performance perception, technological innovation, supply side reform, and international capacity collaboration.

Date:2017-3-20 10:07:55