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ACFIC Conference Reviews Enterprises’ B&R Construction Steps


ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin urged private enterprises to take pragmatic and effective steps to correct their missteps in Belt and Road construction, including investment management irregularities, weak sense of the rule of law and security, intransigent acts of vicious competition, and low degree of go-global regimentation.   

Wang made the remarks at an ACFIC video conference in Beijing on March 21 devoted to discussing the new situations and experience in private enterprises’ go-global drive, and making arrangement for guiding and serving private enterprises' participation in Belt and Road construction.

Wang stressed private enterprises have become a major force in Belt and Road construction with the emergence of a great number of capital enterprises with global vision, global strategy and global capital management.

Wang noted that President Xi Jinping’s speech at the Belt and Road Construction Symposium on August 17, 2016 has pointed out the direction of future work under the guidance of the “consultation, cooperation and sharing” concept.

 “Private enterprises must be aware of and meet the new requirements for Belt and Road construction, and regard it as a key method of propelling the supply-side structural reform, and improving corporate innovation and core competitiveness,” he said, “They have to proactively integrate into the strategic pattern of global capacity collaboration, build a law-abiding, honest and professional image, strengthen their sense of security to prevent and handle various types of risks, and meanwhile, attach great importance to the building of ‘soft power’ and giving a good rendition of the China story. ”

He urged various levels of Federations of Industry and Commerce and Chambers of Commerce to take a political vantage view and serve and guide enterprises with good qualification, strong capability and full preparedness to take part in the Belt and Road construction in an orderly manner.

He said FICs and COCs e should improve their guidance and service for enterprises through strengthening their own capability, building Belt and Road service platforms for private enterprises, improving their participation regimentation, and providing them education, publicity and training.

ACFIC Executive Vice Chairman Quan Zhezhu stressed private enterprises should prioritize the real economy in their overseas investment so as to acquire advanced technology to feedback to domestic sectors.

He noted that medium and small-sized enterprises should use such platforms as overseas industrial parks, leading domestic enterprises and COCs, to go global in a group.

CHINT Group Chairman Nan Cunhui, Zhengbang Group Chairman Lin Yinsun, Qingdao Construction Group CEO Xin Zhaohe, Beijing Dingzhen Security Information Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Liu Penghui, China Chamber of International Cooperation for the Private Sector Chairman Zheng Yuewen, and Jiangxi FIC Chairman Lei Yuanjiang shared their views with video conference participants on various issues, including risk prevention, credibility-based go-global, social duty implementation, security risk awareness improvement, tapping organizational advantage and COCs' roles.

The conference was attended by representatives of FICs, COCs and private enterprises at various locations across China.

Date:2017-3-22 8:06:22