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Chairman Researches Corporate Burden Reduction in Yunnan

ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin urged governments and enterprises to establish a new development concept, propel supply side structural reform and take targeted and systemic measures to lower the corporate costs of the real economy sector and propel their structural upgrades.

Wang stressed that the key to lowering the costs of enterprises of the real economy lies in lowering the costs of information, consultation, policy-making, policy execution and contract violation, during his research in Kunming and Yuxi cities of southwest China’s Yunnan Province between April 10 and 14.

He called for beefing up e-administration and information sharing among various departments and enterprises; pursuing integrated structural tax cut and charges reduction for maximum lessening of corporate tax burden; further unleashing the bonus of administrative streamlining and power devolvement to create a more relaxed development environment for enterprises; introducing detailed working measures on lowering costs and establishing effective service and supervisory mechanisms in line with Yunnan’s reality; and strengthening financial services for the real economy to ease the financing difficulty of small and medium enterprises.

During the research, Wang and his colleagues from the United Front Work Department, the State Development and Reform Commissions and the Industry and Information Technology Ministry inspected the production and operation of several local enterprises, including KPC Pharmaceuticals Inc., Yunnan Xiangfeng Chemical Fertilizers Group, Kunming Chennong Group, Yunnan Hongxiang Yixintang Pharmaceuticals, Yukun Iron and Steel Group, Yuxi Taibiao Solar Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Yuxi Walvax Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and North Star Group, and met with local government authorities, including the Yunnan Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology Department, Finance Department, Human Resources and Social Security Department, Housing and Rural and Urban Development Department, Environmental Protection Department, Transport Department, and Taxation Department, as well as representatives of Chambers of Commerce and local entrepreneurs, to learn about their implementation of the State Council Circular on Measures of Lowering the Composite Costs of Real Economy Enterprises.

The Chairman urged enterprises to turn the Central Government’s reform and development policies into the impetus of their development to advance structural upgrade in terms of technology, products, market situation and business model; and use their institutional agility to accelerate high-tech introduction, integration and re-innovation and use new technology, craft, equipment and materials and advanced professionals to lift corporate production competence, standard, efficiency, profit, and core competitiveness.

He also stressed the importance of studying, using and abiding by the law, and tapping the role of various chambers of commerce and business associations in lowering corporate costs, and seeking their guidance, consultation and information for support.

Date:2017-4-14 20:34:08