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Quan Zhezhu Researches Poverty Alleviation in Henan

ACFIC CPC Secretary Quan Zhezhu said the construction of targeted poverty alleviation and employment bases is an innovative exploration enabling impoverished villagers to rise over poverty close to home.

During his research on the 100 Enterprises Assist 100,000 Rural Families Program in Taiqian and Puyang counties in northeastern Henan Province in Central China from March 26 to 28, Quan and the research team inspected several demonstration projects to learn about the participating enterprises’ business situation, poor population’s job arrangement, industrial assistance, and enterprises-villages co-construction. They also sat down with poverty alleviation workshop directors and poor villagers, entrepreneurs, and participants in the 10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages Program to discuss the local projects’ development and effectiveness, policy support for participating enterprises, and their difficulties, problems and proposals.

Quan stressed the importance of respecting and adapting to the market rule and striving for the sustainable growth of enterprises and the income of farmers.

He called for lifting poor villagers’ sense of voluntariness to rise over poverty through engaging both “big brains” and “deep pockets”, and formulation of assistance measures based on village leaders’ in-depth interviews with poor families.   

He urged lifting entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm about participation in poverty alleviation through, firstly, giving them adequate care, assistance and support, improving the government-CPC Committee-enterprise communication mechanism, and building a new-type, clean and close government-enterprise relationship; and secondly, tightening education and coaching for entrepreneurs about the situation of the country, the Party and the people, elevating their attachment to the farmers, and deepening their approval for the target of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

Date:2017-4-19 11:05:21