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Xie Jingrong Researches Poverty Alleviation in Shandong

ACFIC Vice Chairman Xie Jingrong said that Shandong’s private enterprises have shown great enthusiasm for participating in the targeted poverty alleviation Program of 10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages, achieving a win-win.

Xie made the remarks during his research on implementation of policy support for Program-participating enterprises in Heze and Dezhou cities in the East China province from February 28 to March 3. 

The research team were briefed by top city government officials and banking, poverty alleviation and federations of industry and commerce representatives about local social and economic situations and poverty alleviation efforts.

The team exchanged views on policy favors and financial support with representatives of enterprises, such as Shandong Longlive Biotechnology Group and Dezhou Hengfen Textile Group. It also visited the poverty alleviation workshops in three villages of Heze as well as a number of poverty alleviation projects, including the Huada gene-controlled fish farming technology using highly-efficient circulating water containers and the Aolong modern agricultural park.

Date:2017-4-19 11:40:36