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Wang Qinmin Researches Government-Business Ties in Dongying

ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin led a team of senior CPPCC members for research on the construction of clean, clear, and close government-business relations in Dongying City of East China’s Shandong Province from April 20 to 24.

During his briefing with Dongying CPC Secretary Shen Changyou, CPPCC Deputy Chairman Chen Guang and officials of local government agencies and federations of industry and commerce, Wang spoke highly of the city’s good administrative service for the non-public economy, marked by its well-regulated market environment, adequate supply of business development elements, accelerated development of the real economy, support for private enterprises’ growth pattern transformation, structural upgrade and innovation, establishment of a liaison and service mechanism to spur the development of private enterprises, entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce and business associations.  

The Chairman expressed hope that Dongying will strive for an even better business environment, cement construction of the rule of law, propel informatization, and institutionalize and regularize the government-business communication mechanism.

During his meeting with local entrepreneurs and COC leaders as well as his visits to local enterprises, Wang stressed the importance of marking the borderline of contact between officials and entrepreneurs, and using “cleanness, clearness and closeness” as the benchmark for building new-type government-business ties.

He noted that government agencies must supervise and serve (the non-public sector), attaching great importance to government procurement service and supervisory competence, as well as the construction of COCs and business associations, especially their human resources development and CPC construction.

He stressed the importance of fostering the sense of rule of law, business integrity, innovation and social responsibility among entrepreneurs.

The research team consisted of three top CPPCC Economic Committee officials, namely former Chairman of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce Zhou Bohua, former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Shang Fulin and former Deputy Minister of the General Administration of Customs Li Kenong, as well as leading officials of the provincial and city-level governments and CPC Committees, CPPCC, labor union and FIC.

Date:2017-4-26 15:41:25