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Fan Youshan Researches Real Economy's Corporate Costs Cut in Dalian

ACFIC Vice CPC Secretary and Vice Chairman Fan Youshan urged entrepreneurs to use PE, VC and other direct financing channels to grow industrial clusters, adjust development strategies and change operational models as the real economy shows signs of rallying and stabilizing.

Fan made the remarks during his research in Dalian City of Northeast China’s Liaoning Province from May 10 to 11, during which he visited the Dalian Dongxing Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. and the furniture and lab equipment manufacturer Yusheng Group, and held a meeting with 10 local enterprises, including the auto-parts manufacturer Dalian Innovation Manufacturing Company, TDC Cutting Tools Inc., and Wantely (Metallurgical) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to learn about their own measures to cut costs and boost efficiency, as well as their views on the implementation of various levels of government policies and measures on lowering corporate costs of taxation, energy consumption, logistics and institutional transactions. 

He urged Federations of Industry and Commerce to fully tap their roles as a linking bridge (between the government and private enterprises) to build non-public economy service networks, correct government-enterprises information mismatch, and guide enterprises to develop in the producer service sector.  

Fan, who also visited the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.’s aircraft carrier project., which involves 312 private enterprises, said that ACFIC will play well its organizational role for the non-public economy and take an eager part in construction of the country’s major engineering projects.

During the research, ACFIC Sci-Tech Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Shenzhen FIC Chairman and EVOC Intelligent Technology Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Zhilie and other research team members exchanged views with local FIC leaders and entrepreneurs over the integrated development of military and civilian industries.

Date:2017-5-22 17:44:55