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Young Highflyers Share Inspiring Growth Stories

Six young and middle-aged Chinese entrepreneurs, among whom three had studied or worked abroad and two are second-generation entrepreneurs, told their stories of trailblazing business and hard-won success at the “Younger-Generation Entrepreneurs’ Faith and Ideal Reports Conference” in Beijing on May 27, watched live by the circle of Federations of Industry and Commerce across the country.     

Speech-makers included Wu Guangsheng, Chairman of China Communication (Huaxun)Technology Co., Ltd., a Shenzhen-based global broadband network service provider; Shen Bin, CPC Secretary and Chairman of Jiangsu Shagang Group, a Top 500 Chinese Enterprise (2009-2016) of steel production; Liu Yi, Chairman of Anhui ActBlue Co., Ltd., a specialist in automotive exhaust filtering and purification technology and products; Tian Gangyin, Chairman of Beijing ZHZ Technology Co., Ltd., one of China’s leading UAV companies; Tan Jianfeng, Chairman of Shanghai PeopleNet Security Technology Co., Ltd.; and Zong Fuli, President of Hangzhou-based Hongsheng Beverage Group Co., Ltd..

CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng said at the conference that guiding the younger generation of entrepreneurs to become qualified constructors of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is of great significance to strengthening the future momentum of national economy, to consolidating and augmenting the people foundation and social foundation for the CPC governance, and to the realization of China’s Two Centennial Targets and Dream of Revitalization.

Yu stressed that as the country enters the vital stage of completing the construction of a relatively prosperous society in all respects and the economy enters the new normal state, entrepreneurs of the younger generation have ample space to give their talent a full play.

Yu urged the younger generation to learn and have a deep understanding of President Xi Jinping’s new thoughts and strategies on governance of China, firm up their ideals and faiths and improve their competence. He also called for patriotism, professionalism, law abidance, innovation and entrepreneurship, social responsibility and participation in the targeted poverty alleviation program of “10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages”.   

He noted that various levels of Governments and CPC Committees must prioritize the education and cultivation of younger generation of entrepreneurs and build a bigger stage for their business undertaking, and try to cultivate a team of young entrepreneurs with “faith, dream, competence and contribution”. Government officials must adhere to the “clear, clean and close relationship” principle in their contact with entrepreneurs and help the younger generation to ease the teething pains of their business development.  

Sun Chunlan, Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee urged entrepreneurs of the younger generation to learn from these role models and turn their own firm ideal and faith into actions of building Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. She called upon various levels of FICs and United Front Work Departments to tighten education and cultivation of entrepreneurs of the younger generation and rally figures of the non-public economy around the CPC Central Commission with President Xi Jinping at the core and make new contribution to realization of the China Dream of Revitalization.  

(Sourced from a Chinese-language report published by www.people.cn)

Date:2017-6-3 13:03:38