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Tianjin CPC Chief Calls for Rallying Entrepreneurs Around CPC

Tianjin Municipality CPC Secretary Li Hongzhong called for cultivating a team of patriotic entrepreneurs who closely follow the leadership of the Communist Party of China and have strong social commitment.  

At an Executive Meeting of the Municipal CPC Committee that focused on study of the geist of the National Younger-Generation Entrepreneurs’ Report Conference on June 8, Li said that boosting healthy growth of the younger-generation entrepreneurs is both an economic subject and a major political issue, and of great significance to sustaining the national economy's growth momentum, and to consolidating and expanding the CPC governance’s people foundation and social foundation.   

He noted that while entrepreneurs, in political terms, belong to the new social stratum and is a key component of the United Front Work, economically, they are central to the private economy. Therefore, it is very important to integrate development of private enterprises with the political faith education for younger-generation entrepreneurs.   

Li accentuated the importance of giving full play to the younger generation’s knowledge power and innovation ability, and cultivating their professional aspiration, patriotism, and social and Party commitment. 

He said the Tianjin United Front Work authorities’ new six-pronged plan for tightening education and cultivation for younger-generation entrepreneurs included: a themed tour from Jinggangshan to Yan’an to retrace the revolutionary spirit of the Long March; the launching of rule-of-law education in chambers of commerce and enterprises; study and research programs in Hong Kong and Macau for young entrepreneurs, and establishment of the Tianjin Young Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce; launching of the Healthy Growth Project (Award) to boost enterprises’ development morale; involvement of more young entrepreneurs in the Guangcai Program and exploration of poverty alleviation through industrial development, job creation and public benefit projects; selection of a host of outstanding younger-generation entrepreneurs for leading positions in municipal federations of industry and commerce.

Date:2017-6-14 15:15:16