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Wang Qinmin Researches Poverty Alleviation in Zhijin

ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin stressed the importance of accuracy and thoroughness in industry-fueled poverty alleviation to prevent relapse, during his research in Zhijin County of Bijie City of southwest China’s Guizhou Province from February 22 to 24.


 “Understanding the real situation of local resources and environment, the poverty-inducing factors, and the needs of poor households and the government’s poverty alleviation plan is key to accurate poverty alleviation; industry-driven poverty alleviation must suit actions to local conditions, follow pre-set targets, provide individualized assistance, seek professionalism, and fully tap the industrialization and market advantages of enterprises engaged in helping the latecomers become rich to ensure they will never slip back to poverty,” he said, during the research, which took him to four villages where he met with registered poor households, poverty alleviation work team leaders, and representatives of local micro and small enterprises, and visited the Guizhou Muye Ecological Farm.

Wang hailed Zhijin’s poverty alleviation work and annual plans as detail-oriented, tailored to local situations and carried out in every household and down to each villager. He stressed the importance of the steering role of the local government and CPC Committee as well as motivating the enthusiasm of local farmers. He urged, on the one hand, further research on the need for industrial development in each village to decide upon the first batch of assistance projects, and, on the other, introducing leading enterprises with prowess and professionalism to the County.

ACFIC has taken various measures including educational and medical assistance, job offers, fund-raising and donation for specific projects, rotating assistance funds and business and investment brokering service since the State Council designated ACFIC as a participant in poverty alleviation in Zhijin County in 1994.  

Date:2016-2-26 13:47:04