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Wang Qinmin Attends 1st World Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention

The 1st World Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention that opened in the northeast province’s capital city of Changchun on July 28 coined the “virtuous, courageous, resourceful and thanks-giving spirit” of Jilin entrepreneurs in 16 Chinese characters and launched the Jilin Entrepreneurs Federation.

ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin, who attended the Convention along with nearly 1,500 participants including officials, entrepreneurs and scholars, said that the Jilin CPC Committee and Government in recent years have attached great importance to the non-public sector, regarding it as a breakpoint to a new round of rejuvenation and growth, rolling out a string of policies and measures to guide private enterprises to stay confident, ambitious and innovative, and propelling the non-public sector to keep growing and upgrading under the New Normal.

Wang urged Jilin entrepreneurs to seize the new round of opportunities in the Northeast Rejuvenation, face the challenges of downward economic pressures with a positive attitude, and boost the entire strength and competitiveness of Jilin’s non-public sector. He reiterated the importance of law abidance and business credibility. He also expressed hope that the Province will foster a business friendly environment and a stable and enriching experience for local entrepreneurs, implement policies to full extent, and thus encourage every entrepreneur to “create new miracles” in his or her native place.  

Date:2016-7-31 17:12:06