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5th Executive Committee Meeting Opens in Shijiazhuang

ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin said that the entrepreneurs-targeted morale campaign and the industrial development-based poverty alleviation program of “10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages”, real economy revitalization, grassroots organization construction and leadership transition top the agenda of Federations of Industry and Commerce in 2017.

At the opening of the 5th Meeting of the 11th ACFIC Executive Committee in Shijiazhuang of north China’s Hebei Province on December 22, Wang reviewed President Xi Jinping’s March 4 speech on the non-public economy and the decisions of the just-concluded Central Economic Work Conference, stressing the importance of private enterprises’ enthusiastic and consistent participation in the supply-side reform, innovation, “de-overcapacity, de-leverage, de-inventory, costs reduction, and defects remedy”, development of the real economy, improvement of production and service quality, corporate organization, and core competitiveness.

He noted that the great importance attached to property rights protection by the CPC Central Leadership and State Council will be conducive to the creation of a more favorable institutional environment for business, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.

Wang reiterated the four key criteria for FIC leadership, namely political ideological strength, strong business community representation, strong capacity for political participation and consultation and good social credit, and he warned against malpractices and corruption in the election.  

Participants of the two-day meeting were briefed on preparations for the 12th National Congress of Chinese Federations of Industry and Commerce, slated for the last quarter of next year.

Date:2016-12-25 18:45:29