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Chinese Diplomats Meet Qingdao Entrepreneurs

Chinese Ambassadors and Consul Generals to 13 countries and regions such as Benin, Moldova and Bulgaria visited two local enterprises in Qingdao of East China’s Shandong Province and sat down with 10 local entrepreneurs to discuss their overseas business experiences and problems and offer tips on April 27.

Under the theme of “law-abiding and honest business and overseas risks prevention and control”, the event was the second part of the “Diplomats Face to Face with Entrepreneurs” program co-hosted by ACFIC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to guide and serve private enterprises’ participation in construction of the land and maritime Silk Roads.

Private enterprises’ overseas investment has topped 60% of the country’s entire overseas investment excluding the financial sector.

ACFIC Vice Chairman Wang Yongqing urged private enterprises to abide by the laws and regulations of their business and investment destinations, pursue market-oriented and contract-based development, register with Chinese embassies and consulates, fulfil their social responsibilities and boost in-depth people-to-people diplomacy.

Chinese Ambassador to Slovakia Lin Lin said that while diplomacy for the people and for the service of local economic and social development is an important task of Chinese embassies, providing service and guidance in the interest of enterprises' going global is also a responsibility of Chinese diplomats.

Lin, who is also the MOF’s Ambassadors Research Team Leader, stressed that Chinese entrepreneurs doing great business overseas can cement China’s influence in those countries and thus give the utmost support to Chinese diplomatic missions there.

She added that Chinese embassies and consulates regard all Chinese enterprises as equals, support those with competence and credentials to go global, and are eager to provide them with high-quality service.

Date:2017-4-29 16:13:01