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Guizhou Hosts 10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages Symposium

ACFIC Chairman Wang Qinmin said 26,500 private enterprises have registered with the “10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages Program” by end of 2016, channeling various kinds of targeted poverty alleviation assistance to 3.8864 million registered poor people in 24,600 rural villages across China.

Since the Program was launched in 2015, enterprises’ participation has led to 38.252-billion-yuan investment in industrial development projects and 8.298-billion-yuan investment in public benefit projects in those areas, with 307,600 jobs created and 316,300 people undergone vocational skill training, Wang said at the three-day “10,000 Enterprises Assist 10,000 Villages Program” Symposium that opened in Zhijin County of southwest China’s Guizhou Province on May 3.

During the symposium, 19 enterprises signed 5.428 billion yuan of project investment agreements, contracts or tentative agreements with Zhijin County, while seven institutions including the ACFIC Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber of Commerce pledged to donate a certain amount of targeted assistance fund and materials to the County.  

The Symposium was attended by representatives of the United Front Work Department, ACFIC, the State Council Poverty Alleviation and Development Office, the China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program, the Agricultural Bank of China, and 12 provinces and municipalities participating in the Program, as well as a number of private enterprises.

Delegates visited the Poverty Alleviation Cattle Supermarket, No. 2 Happy Village, and Shexiang Old Town built with assistance of the Evergrand Group, as well as an agricultural farm of a villagers’ cooperative and a village bamboo fungus farm in the County.

The Chairman stressed that quality and efficiency lift is the Program’s foremost target in 2017. He called for tapping private enterprises’ specific advantages to push for industrial development in poor areas as the main thrust, attaching great importance to assistance project selection in accordance with local conditions and solid placement of assistance channels and apparatus, and cultivating local leaders of industrial-development-based poverty alleviation.

He also underscored the importance of forging targeted assistance partnerships and making accurate allocation of poverty alleviation resources; balancing the relationships between China’s Western and Eastern regions, and between the government and the society; propelling the innovation of financial service products for poverty alleviation; tapping the advantageous role of Chambers of Commerce in liaising with enterprises; and inspiring the inherent impetus of self-initiated development within the poor masses to forge poverty alleviation synergy.

Date:2017-5-8 17:21:53